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Students looking up at the camera and holding up signs that spell out, thanks!

Carpe Diem Society

The Carpe Diem Society recognizes alumni, faculty, friends and others who secure the future of 鶹Ƶ State University. Our Carpe Diem Society donors have established gifts through their wills, life insurance policies, retirement designations, trusts or other gift plans. Legacy gifts are part of 鶹Ƶ State’s tradition and play a key role in the University’s future. We are deeply grateful for these gifts and know that they will enhance the programs and support of future generations of students and leaders.

Your Legacy Makes an Impact

“I don’t think many people realize how important scholarships are to college students, how life changing they really can be. Your generous gifts allow students like me to continue to study, and it is because of loyal donors that I can continue my education and follow my dream. I am deeply grateful, and I hope to pay it forward someday.”

Morgen O’Neal ’20 – Carpe Diem Society Luncheon April 19, 2018

Thank you to our Carpe Diem Society members:

Anonymous (six members)
Patricia Crosby Ackershoek
Daniel G. Alexander ’48
Dr. Peter P. Balsamo ’72, ’74 MA
Fredric J. Bednarek ’59
John T. Beetar, PhD
Rev. Dr. Glenmore Bembry Jr. ’78
Lawton W. Blanton, Jr.*
Mary Farina Bondon ’38*
Robert Taylor Brewer ’70
Dr. Barbara J. Brummer ’68
Barbara Horn Buhrer ’43*
John ’09 Hon.* and Rose Cali ’80
Joseph V. Caruso ’87
Hilda Cestone
Murray L. Cole ’05 Hon.*
Kay Consales*, in honor of Gene Consales ’50*
John Cooke ’52
Edward W. Cooper ’51, ’56 MA*
Jean V. Trotta Cooper ’50, ’60 MA
Gregory Cordano and Mary Margaret Cordano
Karl Custer ’55, ’60 MA*
Gregory J. D’Angelo in memory of Diane Macaluso D’Angelo ’81*
Donald Darlington ’67, ’72 MA*
Frederick Deusinger ’42*
Dr. Richard D. Draper
H. Wilson Eaves ’51
Doris Epstein ’44*
Marie Fabiano ’46
Charles Farinella ’48, ’51 MA
Rodney Fernandes*
Dr. E. Alma Williams Flagg ’43
Dr. Marcha P. Flint, Professor Emerita
Jacqueline Fontanella Hila ’58
Dr. George Forbes ’49
Dr. Marie Frazee-Baldassarre ’43, Professor Emerita*
Colonel William Gelman ’43*
Michael R. Genaro ’50
Charles Gerdon ’09 MA and Patricia Gerdon
Ina Rudman Golub ’60*
Judy L. Graef ’66, ’69 MA
Janis D. Guter
Ann W. Hartmann ’62
Dr. Warren E. Heiss, Professor Emeritus
George ’47 and Dorothy Hennings
Dr. Juanita J. High ’51
Muriel Millard Hillson ’40*
Anne W. Hoyt ’43*
Sharon Hurwich ’02 Cert.
Albert John Husar*
Dr. John E. Hwang, Professor Emeritus*
Dr. George Iannacone ’54, ’59 MA
Dr. Rita D. Jacobs, Professor Emerita
Dr. David H. Kelly, Professor Emeritus
Evelyn Manowiecki Kersey ’68
Dr. Michael S. Kogan, Professor Emeritus
S. Marie Kuhnen ’41, Professor Emerita*
Stanley and Louise Kwiatek* in memory of Vivien Kwiatek ’65, ’69 MA
Terry Last
Rev. Dr. Audrey Vincentz Leef ’43, ’09 Hon., Professor Emerita
Dorothy S. Lehmkuhl ’42, ’46 MA*
Robert Lieberman
William C. Liess ’58
Laura Leinberger
Karen C. Lindholm ’78
Dr. Charles Magliaro ’54, ’58 MA, ’10 Hon.*
Lori B. Magliaro*
Ellyn A. McColgan ’75
Gwendolyn McDevitt ’34*
James C. ’41* and Joan S.* McGilvray
Marian K. McGinty
James W. Merli ’83
Anne Albert Miller ’45
Judith Feil Miller ’62
Ruth Petersilge Moore ’52 MA
Dennis J. Moreland ’88 MA
Ruth Wing Morgan ’50, ’60 MA
Barbara M. Mostoff ’95
William J. Oliver ’71 MA, ’82 MA
Dr. Alan Oppenheim
Robert T. Partridge
Dr. Cathy Paskert ’50*
Andrew Payti
Stephen Pepe ’65
Richard L. and Susan Spinelli Peterson
Terry Phillpott ’68
Dr. Robert A. Pines, Professor Emeritus
Warren W. Pinto ’74 MA in memory of June Fornoff Pinto ’64, ’70 MA
Patricia DiFlauro Piroh ’88, ’92 MA and Douglas Piroh
Murray Present, Professor Emeritus*
MeriTerese Racanelli ’08 MS
Susan G. Radner
Thomas J. Randazzo, ’50, ’55 MA
The Ranucci Family (Ernest ’33, Barbara Helmer ’33 and Rita ’64)*
Ruth Rapoport ’74*
Harvey Rappaport
Lt. Col. (Ret’d) Russell F. Reed ’49, ’50 MA
John Riordan ’59*
Dr. Elton V. Robertson ’64*
Gene A. Rochberg ’41*
Dinah F. Rosoff ’41
Angela M. Salatti ’55*
Jack Sayer ’62
Patricia L. Schall ’68
Dr. Maria E. Schantz ’60 MA, Professor Emerita
Frances Scher
Dr. Margaret Anne Schley ’48*
Conrad J. Schmitt ’58
Janet Schreiber ’63
Phyllis F. Schultz ’50
Anton D. Schwab ’64
Rita Snook ’60*
Herman ’37* and Margaret Sokol ’38*
Dolores Lombardo Stanek ’51
George Storm
Dr. Lillian Szklarczyk, Professor Emerita*
Claudette Koodray Tencza ’61
Joanne Sasso Tomasetti ’52
Olga Vapnar ’58*
Nancy M. Vees
Nancy E. Walsh ’48*
Eva S. Walther ’34*
Brian Watkins*
Madelon R. Wehner ’39*
Robert Weston ’47
Robert B. Willey, ’52, PhD*
Charles Yeager ’63, ’65 MA